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Cyril Tee Yao Yang
There's nothing wrong with my name.

13 September 1993
That's my day.

Single; Yet Unavailable

I'm imperfect and I'm striving to be a more better imperfect person.

Adores Somethings

Loves my sheep!!! How Ren, Gary and James Wong!!!
Not forgetting my ex-sheep, teckshuean, jeremy! Grow strong in Christ with your current shepherd!
NorthD, NorthC, NC3, North, and Security; i LOVE THEM!

Abhors somethings
Sorry, but hating me won't make you smarter.


Maestro Acoustic!!! Bought a Takamine Acoustic Instead, I LOVE IT!
Be A CL!!! Leading my Pioneering team! ;D
More Sheep!!!
Walk right with God always!!!
More money!!!
Be more responsible!!!
2GB Memory Stick For Phone
Rubik's Cube!!!
Improve on my bball~??
Able to play 1 song with my guitar. LOL!!!I can play Heart Of Worship!
Lead Worship in CG!!!! With my guitar, playing 1 FULL SONG. no other music. ;DD
A New Pair of Basketball Shoes!!!
A new wallet!!!
A new pencil case!!!
New Bottle!!! Pink dun look nice on me!!!
Have Breakthroughs in my life.




Sunday, August 03, 2008 1:31 AM

For all you humans who Linked this blog, relink me!!! You come this blog also nothing to view already. LOL. RELINK!!

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Tuesday, July 08, 2008 11:10 PM

Our Statistics Poster.

Waiting for Dismissal Near Canberra Area.
James, Sean, Me, Jeremy.
Sean ah Sean~~~

Doing Outreach. EMO James

Bball Outing that time. saw this cat. SO WHITE!!!!!

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Monday, July 07, 2008 11:14 PM

hey. from tmr onwards. my posts will be up on this blog.

;D But whatever crap u wanna say still remains here anyway. Wanna Tag me, wanna be LINKED, ALL stays here. ;DDDDD

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Friday, July 04, 2008 12:28 AM

Sometimes have u wondered 'Is Life All About That?' You pondered on your daily activities, and u ask yourself this question, and thinking more, ask 'Is truly, life better than what im doing daily? or This is life.' Have u ever find no direction in ur life before?? That 'Hey, what kinda life am i living now?' Do u find your life meaningless? 'What on earth am i here for?' Do u find your life good enough? 'Everyday i eat,sleep, go sch, play, talk, breathe, is this all about life?' What is True life on Earth? Is your life to the fullest potential that it can be? Do u find that some questions dont have an answer to your Real needs, not your physical needs. 'I need PSP.' but after mths or so, u're gonna find PSP a bother to u already. Things come and go in your heart, filling up physical need one by one. But none seems to satisfy you.
It says that there's a God-shaped hole in our heart, that only God can fill. But how to let Him fill this hole, is just to take a step of belief. Jesus is the answer. Life is pointless. Jesus is the answer. He's the direction. He's the life. He's the perfect Person. He's the perfect leader. He's Jesus.

Im gonna tell u a story.

Enjoy the video.

Jesus is the answer. Want to find out more? Msn me.

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Thursday, July 03, 2008 12:21 AM

shish!!! im still online!! hahaha. so i shall blog awhile. haha. this blog's untouched for awhile. letme recount of some incredible things i've done these few days. Ytd, i picked up $1. den at night, i was unhappy about a BK staff, i complained him. and i din see him today. Secondly, i picked up $2 today. TMR $3??? HAHAHA!!!! Norvin's class was hillarious. the eng teacher experienced Lagginess in the computer internet connection then the class said 'For faster Internet connection, press Alt+ F4(Shut down)' the teacher really go press. ROFL!!!!! HAHAHA!!!!!! Funny ppl!!!!!! ohwell. i shall sleep. tmr must wake up at 8am to do the elearning thing. Ohwell. grrrrr.....nights world.

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Sunday, June 29, 2008 11:18 PM

As i was walking home, i was telling myself and God 'Ok, go home, do homework. Dont use comp after i open.' and here i am. -_- homework untouched. Ohwell. -_-. Here, i am. letme start describing myself.

I'm a boring guy.
I like to be alone.
I'm usually the last person u'd wanna hang out with.
I dont have a good attitude.
I do things a normal human do.
I sin.
I never say the correct stuffs usually.

But i dont despise myself for all this.

For God created us in His image. We're all God's creation. You're meant to be who you are. 'Son, you're my perfect creation.' Dont despise, appreciate. God created us for Who we are. and im so glad that i'm like that, because i'm just a creation of God.

Ok, emo-ing done. LOL!!!! No la. i dont know why, i have this sudden urge to blog the above mentioned. haha. Just to tell u all, We're all God's creation. ;D Yeah. Ok, today was a random day. Woke up, went to sembawang, on the train, Jiajun, the canberra sec guy im sowing with today, sms me saying he had stomachache. I alighted, i went to a corner, i prayed. God, this cant be happening!! So i just went to 589c to play bball. soon he came down. THANK GOD!!!! God is so gracious. We chatted. Den went to buy drink. we chat along the way. He sent me to the bus stop. yeah!!! ;D and i went to BK to mug wif Nick. bt no mugging was involved. He distracted me to the devil's world; Chambers. lol!!! so was there. -_-. JH and Alvin came. so that's about all. Not a fruitful day. so i decide to set this standard upon myself; Focusing on the Main Agenda FIRSTLY. Why? Because i've been sidetracking big time everytime. and i think it's time i start to focus on the Main agenda first. before i do anything else. this is what i wanna set, and i wanna achive it. hohoho

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Thursday, June 26, 2008 10:43 PM

How beautiful the sky is. Is all done by the creation of one; My Father in Heaven. ;D

Wahaha. I’m here!!! Heh. Alright. it’s been a week of outreaching for the past few days. Tiring, but fruitful. Monday- went down to Sembawang with WeiLoong. He has a pool of contacts!!! Haha. Thank God for that! And Sembawang Secondary students are so open and responsive, that was what Weiloong said. Bus came, all Sembawang, but no Canberra Sec de!!!! T_T. i was like “God ah!!! how come???? U playing with me??? rawr!!!” so i was led into the Bus interchange for no reason and i saw 2 Canberra sec de waiting for bus! Thank God!!!!! Straight did a survey on them. and i made them miss the bus. but they were so alright with it.! haha. One guy got msn. Ohwell. den the rest was Evaluating and much. At home, i added that guy, and we chat chat chat. haha. I had a fruitful sowing with him and man, Thank God for that guy.

Day 2
Tuesday. i was supposed to have POA Extra lesson after sch. BUT, Our teacher came in and announced that it was postponed to friday. Woohoo thank God!!! Because i wanna Outreach. den Extra Lesson Free!!!! So rushed down alone to Sun Plaza. was walking here and there. I surveyed 4 guys. 2 guys, was sms with me. and wow they were responsive. One guy said “hey when u free we bball together” haha. Sure. Sunday im sowing with him. haha. the other guy was sowing with him today(thursday) at the foodcourt. i found out he play Maple Private Server also. haha. Den i found quite alot about him. Hehe.

Wednesday went down to Canberra Secondary to Outreach with Jeremy. wait and wait….30 minutes later. FINALLY got ppl came out of the sch!!! Some ran from us. some dunwanna do. but at least i found 3. and jeremy found 2. So i gave him 1 guy. And he told me that today he called that guy and they chat for 30 minutes without knowing!! LOL!!! That guy talked about Chess, Badminton, Duel Masters and Etc with jeremy!!! Haha. really wanna thank God for all these happenings around me and jeremy. Today had CG. before that maths lesson. so no chance to outreach. aww T_T

Haha. so lastly i wanna affirm jeremy for really taking up the courage to call the guy today. At first he was reluctant. Refusing to call. but the obedience heart in him. he went home- called that guy, and had fun chatting. ;D yeah God, thank you for everything! ;D And i learnt something during outreach. that we just need to take the first step, and God will surely bless. Dont Hold back when outreaching. Because we’re doing all this for the audience of one. Since we made this decision, we’re going to do it. I’ve started this race. I’m gng to COMPLETE IT WITH GOD!!!!! ;DDDD

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Monday, June 23, 2008 10:20 PM

WHEE IM SO HAPPY!!!!! I CAN FINALLY SOW ON SOMEONE!!!!!! WAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!! Somemore, he's kinda open to me. YEAH!!!!! Im going to continue to sow on him. WAHAHA. alright, i shall stop writing here and start chatting wif him le. ;D All i know i went BK to do homework, and WK was a distraction to me xP.

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Sunday, June 22, 2008 11:30 PM

sch's starting. I guess it's time i stretch my standard of discipline to a higher level. Ohwell. Homework's undone. Die. Eng summaries not even completed, yet alone my Heymath. 4 homeworks not done. How? HOW??? Ohwell. who cares. xP Sch's starting. It's time i needa discipline myself to do homeworks, to really plan my week, and to spend time with God with my upmost sincerity. seriously i tink if we dont seek God with a soften heart, and a sincere heart, i guess we cant properly spend time with God. wait, that's not even QUALITY time. that's just spending time. I wanna bring my QT to a higher level. that i can experience God. that i can feel God, as how i can feel waves in a shell. i wanna do it. i wanna do it. Im not gng to hide back in my Comfort Zone too. im gng to GO ALL OUT. I dun wanna hide in a tree in a race. But i wanna continue running, till i see the end, the light at the end, where i see all my brothers and sisters over there, that we can proclaim that we HAVE Finish the RACE!!!!!! Ok. Talk is CHEAP. Action is DEEP. i just say it all out, that is so CHEAP. im gng DO it. Im not gng to just say, BUT DO!!!! For the Audience of One!!!!!!!!

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Tuesday Pics.

The sky is just........ special. the clouds.

Wednesday Pics.
in the bus..

At the ranger station.

Brand acting muscular.

walking to the bridge!

can u see sharlene??? ;DDD

the view from jelutong tower.


Best Buddies!!!!!

Zhishen's scared of Leonard.

So many ppl wan kiss Leonard. LOL


Jelutong tower.


Wu GUI!!! Turtle!!!

CG photo!!!

Er...dunno how to describe this... but........
i was scrolling at my chat logs just now. My previous chat logs. June 2007, july 2007, aug and so on. and i realised that July, Aug, Sept, Oct, was the times i experienced a life w/o God. and Nov i came back, Dec, Jan, Feb and till now. and i realised. 'Oh man, how much God changed me.' I really wanna thank God for changing me, moulding me to what i am now. seriously, if it wouldnt be for God, i wouldnt be what i am now. seriously. ohwell. that's not the point here. hehehe....
alrights, back to today. haha. had our CSM and PLM. and MYLC is the only thing that went into my mind. LOL!!!! Make You Life Count. that's the thing. YES!!!!! WE MUST MAKE OUR LIFE COUNT!!!!!! This week, im gonna outreach, nothing's gonna stop me. Objections, Fears, Meekness, WHATSOEVER!!!!! I dun care. I'm not ashamed to do all these. made fun by friends? i dun care. I'm dng all this, For the audience of One. this is all i care. Im dng for God. WHY SHOULD I BE SCARED?? The world's serving a stupid dumb guy called Satan. and if i got discourage or anything by the world, im actually bowing down to Satan. NO!!!! I shouldnt be ashamed!!! Whom i serve is the GREATEST GOD in the WORLD!!!! Im gonna proclaim it!!!! THe most AWESOME GOD!!!! Make Our Life Count. Outreach next week. There's no time to lose. if we dun outreach nxt week, who knows? Maybe the week after next week, Jesus comes back. WHO KNOWS?!?!?! Time is precious. Cant u sense the urgency? All the signs, Jesus is coming!!!! And if we dun outreach, souls wun be saved. We only have one life, LIVE We only have One Life, live it TO THE FULLEST!!!!! Live it until it reaches a point that it counts!!!! We're gonna save souls, we're gonna finish the race, we're gonna COMPLETE CG08 TOGETHER!!!! Let's see each other, at the finishing line!!!!!! ok that's all about ministry i guess..letme see......
Ok...i din blog for a WEEK! HEHE. Im lazy anyway. ;P Homeworks not DONE!!! NOOOOOOOOO Im still left wif ENG, PHY, POA. Aiyo, basically EVERYTHING'S NOT DONE!!!! DIE!!!!!!!! LESS THAN 30 HOURS TO SCH ALREADY!!!!!! GG. Tmr seriously i have to discipline myself. BURGER KING, MUG, MUG MUG and never stop MUGGING. Im gonna stick something on my head i guess. 'Please Hit me if i get distracted.' seriously, i wanna set this standard. Ohwell, so, my homework's not done. WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING AT HOME!!!!! i was playing MapleCrusade. LOL!!!!! Basketball!!!! LOL!!!!! jus for leisurement. sch starts, NO MORE CRUSADE!!!!! Rawr!!!!! i got lvl 126 Night Lord, and lvl 158 Marksman(Sniper's 4th job). MEEgoreng and MEEpok. come and find me if u want. ;DDDD ok. now let me start elaborating days.
We had DISTRICT OUTING!!! we met at 9.30am at Bishan. OBVIOUSLY im late. i reached there at approximately 9.35am. ohwell. green cabin's the best place to be during peak hours. Not crowded. ;D Singaporeans are just so lazy to walk into the middle. ohwell. den took 510 to HSBC Forest walk. ohwell. starting i had no team because i din hear myname. LOL. then WK say im in celine's team. ohwell. then join lo. lol. they ask us to appoint a leader, mustnt be in Sharlene's CLM. so Teckshuean was errr "Sabo-ed" LOL!!! But we're BENEFITTING HIM!!!! LOL!!!!!!! We need to be Blindfolded, not him. RAWR!!! ok, this team consists of Teckshuean, the leader, Celine, a YTSS girl, me and Kenneth. the first game was smooth sailing, until Daniel falls into the "LONGANG"(drain). Dragging 2 others to go in. Brandon and a sister. Brand's injury's worst. Knocked on the head. ohwell. then headed to Ranger station, played Murderer. I WAS CHOSEN!!!! AND I DUNNO!!!!!! !#$%^&*() NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ohwell. or else alot should be killed. HEHE. ohwell. den we continued to walk the Bridge. WOOO!!! Scenery's nice. Tall bridge. although im scared of heights, but i enjoyed. hehe. den went up to the Jelutong Tower. Beautiful. den went to Thomson Plaza makan, den HOME!!!! den Thur, Fri, MUG MUG MUG. ohwell. din MUG much at all. wasnt Concentrating. Mon Tue Outreach, ahha. ohwell. anyway, PICTURES ON TOP!!!!!!!

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